A World where magic will define you or kill you


Welcome to the Quarter of Magic WebsiteZoe Tyson

This is me, Zoë Tyson, sat in one of the many coffee shops in Shanghai, where amongst other places, I wrote the majority of my first novel - A Quarter of Magic. A fantasy adventure for children and young adults.
I am delighted to say the novel is now available for both download on Kindle app and as a paperback. Please use the sales site links at the bottom of the page.
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 A Quarter of Magic


14 year old Miloney Merren lives in a World ruled by an immortal species of creature.  

And the creatures have one major rule. A human must NEVER have magic.

But in this World, humans can develop magical gifts. Gifts that should be cherished and nurtured. 

But to use them, is to lose your freedom forever.
However when certain events unfold, Miloney has to make a decision. Will he be able to make the ultimate sacrifice and give up his freedom forever in order to help his family and friends?


Opening Extract 

Chapter 1 - An Unfortunate Discovery

‘There were three things that Miloney Merren wished for on a daily basis.  One, was that he wished he lived somewhere else. Two, he wished he could swap his sister for a nicer one.
And three, he wished the horrible creature that stood in the corner of his classroom would die.’

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